Saturday, 18 June 2016

Can I Start My Career Afresh at 40?

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin who has been working in the US as a banker for over a decade now. I was telling her how at 40, I feel this is it. My career can only go that much further from here on. Every day I fear being replaced by younger and smarter people who will do my job at a reasonably lesser pay scale. Especially in our profession which is all about ideas and fresh thinking.

She felt so differently about turning 40. She felt this is a good time to make a career change over and look at one's career afresh if need be. What's stopping anyone from looking at a different career path? Not only in allied fields but start over in a new field.
Is that really possible? Especially here in India?

I don't know what's stopping me. Is it the sense of security that comes with doing what I have done for almost 2 decades or is the Indian corporate mindset not equipped to provide a professional a fresh start?

It is time we heard more stories about people who were advertising professionals previously but are lawyers now post 40. We need more stories of professional photographers who spent the first 20 years of their life in a bank. We need more stories of cross over professionals.

While India is a country of the youth with 50% of our population below 25. Who is thinking about the enormous amount of experience the grey hair brings. How do we capitalise on this and channelise it to corporate India's advantage? 

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