Saturday, 10 September 2016

Online Free Tarot

Have you ever tried online free tarot reading? I have. Multiple times.

Over the last two years I have been faced with a lot of situations where I felt I was standing in the cusp of a two roads which were going in opposite directions and I needed to know which road to follow. I was never sure. I looked for help everywhere including a popular free tarot reading site. I made a lot of decisions based on the readings.

After two years and multiple bad decisions, I realise that these are written for people who are clasping at straws, just as a I was, looking for a sign of positivity. And these sites offer them plenty. It just stops you from tipping over. One feels good on learning that all was going to be well soon with whatever decision you make. Professionally. Personally. Romantically. And at times, that's all that you need to hear.

Well, after two years of playing around with the cards I have learnt that these free tarot sites are like a virtual hug that lets you go on with life till the next upheaval. It is not a go / no go decision channel. We cannot base our decisions on what the cards foretell. For heaven's sake, don't make the mistake I made. Consult them for the reassurance, the free virtual hug but don't treat it like a secret blue print to your life.

No one knows better than your gut and your intuition which road to follow. And oh yeah, don't forget to use your head.